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Thursday, August 18, 2016

How water helps in weight loss?

How water helps in weight loss?

 We often hear in weight loss golden advice is to drink enough water systems, so we can hardly see any weight reduction program, or any Jubair feed forget mention this advice, and the question raised by it in us is how water works to lose Alon?

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In fact, the water plays a key role in getting rid of excess weight, through a combination of roads, including the following: - water helps in controlling the feeling of hunger and inhibition of appetite, and may be drinking a glass of water, which addresses how you feel hungry for more than two hours . Drink water before eating a short time, it helps lower than the intake, which means fewer calories. Water is the main engine for the metabolism and burn calories, and water are not eating enough Ihaml metabolism at its slowest. Water helps the liver in the performance of its functions, the most important of these functions to get rid of fat, and remove them out of the body, and in the event of insufficient will store a large amount of them. Lack of water means lack of the amount of blood in the body, and the lack of oxygen in sufficient quantities to allow for cells to burn calories in order to complete the activity. Adequate quantity of water and increase the muscle moisture and suppleness, which helps to be active and thus burn more calories through movement. Lack of water in the body may lead to digestive problems, and the most important of which causes constipation in gaining more weight. Lack of water intake causes an increase in fluid retention in the body, in the case that eating plenty of it helps in getting rid of the water trapped by the salts, which leads to weight loss. Water helps the body get rid of toxins that caused the laziness, making us more active on the outer level in terms of movement, as well as at the cellular level, which increases the burning of calories, and lose weight. The fiber intake intent to lose weight, would not be feasible without sufficient quantities of water, in order to facilitate its mission.


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