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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The best diet for Weight Loss

The best diet for Weight Loss

The main reason for the deteriorating health situation for millions of people around the world is the lack of commitment to a healthy diet, since proper nutrition loss displays the body either thinnest excessive or obese, both of which cause problems for the functioning of the internal organs of the body, has proven statistics that obesity-related diseases, in particular, is the reason first of deaths around the world, so what caused the problems on the heart and arteries, the patient presents to strokes or heart attack, and that obesity in the lesser of its change the nature of the daily lives of the injured, it is estimated to do the simplest of physical business, so a healthy diet is the most important to preserve the nature of life

The best diet for Weight Loss

Daily program:

This program is made for a period of one week, and noting the score at the end of the week repeats again, and then followed by a rest period regulated by the Food and repeat visits each month until it reaches the stomach to be desired in terms of its ability to absorb large amounts of food size. 

One meal breakfast throughout the week and consists of two eggs Msellouktin, a small green salad and a dish, and prevents completely eating carrots, tomatoes, and mortadella with a quarter of a loaf of brown bread. 

The first day lunch dish of green salad made up, a piece of white cheese skimmed, and dinner shall be a piece of grilled meat free of fat, preferably chicken or turkey, and a pack of yogurt. The second day at lunch is a meal itself dinner on the first day, with a spoonful of crushed linseed, and dinner will be the usual breakfast meal itself. 

The third day is the lunch is a piece of white cheese free of salt and fat, and dinner piece of grilled meat without fat. The fourth day is not it eating anything at lunch but a dish of fruit, dinner of tuna oil refinery tray, with yogurt laced with a spoonful of crushed linseed. The fifth day dish sauteed vegetables at lunch, and tuna or broiled fish at dinner with a salad. The two-day sixth and seventh deals with grilled meat and authority in both lunch and dinner.

Notes on a diet:

This system may affect the human energy in the hard work day, so you should pay attention when doing business may be dangerous, should also drink plenty of water during the day to ensure that activate blood circulation and cell renewal and burn fat. This system reduces the size of the stomach, so you should pay attention to reduce the amount of food at each meal, and chew food slowly to accelerate the feeling of satiety, and with the repetition of the order once each month will reduce stored body fat.


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