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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

5 magical ways to lose weight without tiring

 5 magical ways to lose weight without tiring


Looking for fitness and combat obesity, but fears a diet and exercise program strictly, and do not have the energy to do so, here is a set of tips that will help you lose weight quickly, and these steps are:

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 Make sure to drink warm water:

Many people prefer cold water to warm water, but scientific research has shown that warm water gives a feeling of fullness faster than cold water, so be sure to drink warm water, though the taste does not appeal to you, you can be added to herbs bag, to change the taste.

- Wear tight clothes while eating:

They scientific studies conducted recently to wear wide clothes at home cause the opening of appetite, and pays to overindulge in food and snacks between basic meals, unlike the case with wear tight clothes, and for this, it is those who wish to lose weight should be keen to wear clothes tight at home.

- Cut down on watching television:

Watching television is accelerating the burning of calories, it makes you feel hungry faster.

-Diligence To eat "bacteria":

Known that bacteria play a major role in metabolism and affect the appetite, and some a lot of eating foods rich
Probiotics  on the grounds that they are able to lose weight without cutting calories in other foods, but the balance in the amount of calories in foods other essential whatever the propagation of bacteria in the eating, so he does not have a lot of research that avers that the bacteria alone enough to lose weight under eat other foods rich in calories high.

- Add the warm spice to your food:

Studies have shown that the addition of warm spices, especially pepper, to foods increases the metabolic rate, or metabolism, slows the growth of fat cells.


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